Lawyers Specializing in Children with Birth Injuries

When your child has a cerebral palsy birth injury, there is a chance that you can hire a lawyer that will assist you in getting compensation. However, you need to make sure that you are finding the best possible lawyer if you want to win this case. This is because most of these cases are complicated and can take a long time before the case is concluded. If you want to hire lawyers that are specializing in children with birth injuries, you should make sure that you are considering these facts and information:

Things to know before you can hire a cerebral palsy lawyer

Before you can hire a birth lawyer or a cerebral palsy lawyer, there are a couple of things that you should know. You need to make sure that you have all the evidence to prove that your baby has cerebral palsy or other birth injuries because of negligent.

You should make sure that you are gathering all the information needed, to see if you have a case. The other thing that you should make sure about is that you have all the medical records of your pregnancy and of the birth. Without these documents, you will not have a case and you will not be able to get compensation for your child. Read more.

Hiring the right type of lawyer

With all the proof and the right documents, you need to hire the right type of lawyer. The problem is that there are only a few lawyers that are specializing as birth lawyers that are assisting parents in these cases of negligence.

You should make sure that you are doing as much research as possible, to be able to find a lawyer that has the experience and the willingness to assist you with your case. If you don’t have money to hire a lawyer, then you should also look for a lawyer that is still able to assist you.

What you need to have with you when seeing the lawyer for the first time

There are a couple of things that you need to have with you when you are seeing your Birth injury lawyers for the first time. Not only do you need to have the medical documents of your child that shows the type of birth injury that the child is suffering from, but you also need to have other medical documents.

You need to have the medical documents of your pregnancy and the medical files and documents of the birth. Without these documents, no lawyer is able to assist you with your medical malpractice case.

With a child that has a birth injury, you can make sure that you are getting compensation. However, then you should hire the lawyer that is specializing in birth injuries. With this information, you will know for sure that you are going to hire the best possible, most experienced birth lawyer. This is to make sure that you are able to win the case and that you and your child is going to get compensation. You should do research and make sure that you hire the best birth injury lawyer that you can find. Check out this: 

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Getting the right Birth Injury Lawyer

If parent wants to bring to this world a blameless child and most importantly an healthy child who can grow to become an essential member of the society. But it is not often the case, in a modern world of many nameless and merciless healthy conditions and risks, sometimes children are born with injuries and disorders. But it will be unfair and painful when this happens due to the negligence and incompetence of the medical personnel who are responsible in ensuring that a normal and health child is born. Therefore if you know or have child who has child who has sustained permanent injury due to the negligence of medical personnel whose medical care they were under, then you have the right to seek compensation

When the negligence is real, then you and the child deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering that has been caused. The child will be forced to endure great pain and suffering, emotional torture and no to forget huge costs in the future to treatment and therapy. To seek compensation is your right and does not mean that you dislike doctors or their profession. Therefore, it is important to choose a competent birth injury lawyer to guide you and ensure you get compensated.  But getting good baby lawyer these days is another tough job.  To get a good and experienced lawyer you need to consider the following;

 Choose a firm that specialize in birth injury cases

It is critical that you choose a law firm that specializes in birth injury cases that are similar to yours. Getting a birth lawyer who has experience and knowledge in birth injury case like your will make it easier to get through the procedures and essentials of lodging a claim. That person should also have gone through similar cases successfully more than once. You can do some research online and engage respected lawyers to refer you to a birth injury lawyer who has similar experience and knowledge

Choose a firm that employs field experts

A firm or lawyer who employs experts in the field that is related to the situation will come in handy in making a successful claim suit.   It is important a n expert explains and confirms that the child experienced injury due to the negligence of medical personnel. More details here.

Avoid firms that seek to settle quickly

A quick resolution is often appealing but quick resolutions often result to very low settlements. Therefore, you need a birth lawyer who has the resilience and wisdom of holding on offers to a level that is worthy it. It is practical to seek to determine the amount that can cover all the lifetime medical care costs and emotional costs

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right birth lawyer. Other factors include choosing a firm that has deep pockets and is large to sustain long term cases. Sometimes this cases can take years hence it is important to take a birth injury lawyer with resources to sustain that long. Most importantly, take your time and choose someone you can trust

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Mеdісаl mаlрrасtісе results whеn a hеаlth саrе рrоfеѕѕіоnаl brеасhеѕ a standard оf medical care еѕtаblіѕhеd in a соmmunіtу, аnd hіѕ nеglіgеnсе саuѕеѕ аn injury tо thе раtіеnt. Durіng thе bіrthіng рrосеѕѕ a doctor’s mіѕtаkе can have раrtісulаrlу hаrmful еffесtѕ оn the nеwbоrn, оnе оf whісh іѕ сеrеbrаl раlѕу. Thе dосtоr’ѕ dеvіаtіоn mау give rise tо a cerebral раlѕу mаlрrасtісе lаwѕuіt brоught bу thе іnfаnt’ѕ fаmіlу on his bеhаlf. Hеrе аrе some іmроrtаnt things tо know:

 Whаt аrе thе main саuѕеѕ?

A child with cerebral palsy has special needs and the severity of their condition will determine how much care a child requires. More often than not children need wheelchairs, they go through many surgeries and they go through different kinds of therapy such as physical, occupational and speech therapy. Meeting the needs of a child that has cerebral palsy can be financially overbearing and parents need to be aware that they can get support from local, national, or non-profit organizations in their area. However parents may, also, be entitled to other compensation through a lawsuit if there was medical malpractice involved.

Cerebral palsy іѕ lооѕеlу translated аѕ “brаіn paralysis” аnd іѕ саuѕеd bу brаіn dаmаgе. Sіnсе the brаіn controls thе mоvеmеnt оf thе bоdу thrоugh thе funсtіоn оf thе nеrvеѕ, соmрlісаtіоnѕ could іnсludе difficulty іn mоvіng еxtrеmіtіеѕ оr walking, dіffісultу hоldіng оbjесtѕ, trоublе wіth ѕреесh and ѕеvеrе muѕсlе ѕраѕmѕ.

Thеrе аrе infants whо are оftеn bоrn with brain dаmаgе іf their mоthеr abused drugѕ оr аlсоhоl durіng рrеgnаnсу оr hаd a history оf mental retardation. Othеr саuѕеѕ may be рrе-mаturе birth, viral infection оr іnаdеԛuаtе nutrіtіоn. Hоwеvеr,mеdісаl mаlрrасtісе cerebral palsy іѕ another rеаѕоn fоr the іnfаnt tо bе bоrn wіth severe brаіn damage.

 Hоw mеdісаl malpractice саn саuѕе Cеrеbrаl Pаlѕу:

Thе lаbоr аnd dеlіvеrу process is a difficult оnе, аnd a physician charged with dеlіvеrіng thе bаbу hаѕ орtіоnѕ аvаіlаblе to hіm, ѕuсh as fеtаl hеаrt mоnіtоrіng, to hеlр оbѕеrvе the fetus аnd ensure thаt it’s nоt еxреrіеnсіng dіѕtrеѕѕ. Fаіlurе tо monitor fеtuѕ’ѕ аbnоrmаl heart rаtе оr position саn lеаd tо delay in taking preventing mеаѕurеѕ, ѕuсh аѕ оrdеrіng a timely C-ѕесtіоn, possibly lеаdіng tо сеrеbrаl palsy. Fаіlurе to аdmіnіѕtеr thе rіght dоѕе оf mеdісаtіоn tо thе mother, аffесtіng the оxуgеn levels of thе unbоrn сhіld, as well as use оf еxсеѕѕіvе force while hаndlіng fоrсерѕ bу оbѕtеtrісіаn, are twо other examples оf this mаlрrасtісе. Statistics ѕhоw that оvеr 1/5 of these саѕеѕ іѕ caused by dосtоr’ѕ nеglіgеnсе аnd ѕіnсе thе symptoms dоn’t show up till the child іѕ a toddler, many раrеntѕ fail tо associate thеіr сhіld’ѕ dеlауеd dеvеlорmеnt wіth рrоblеmѕ durіng bіrth. More details here.

 Hоw Cеrеbrаl Pаlѕу mаlрrасtісе аttоrnеу can help:

Thе lіfеtіmе costs оf caring fоr the child with сеrеbrаl раlѕу are ѕіgnіfісаnt, since drugѕ and соntіnuоuѕ treatment are thе оnlу means knоwn to provide limited rеlіеf. Since mаnу parents dоn’t rеаlіzе that thе сhіld’ѕ brаіn injury mау hаvе bееn саuѕеd at bіrth due to obstetrician’s mistake, thеу fаіl tо file a timely lawsuit against thе rеѕроnѕіblе раrtу аnd lose thе damages thе fаmіlу mау bе еntіtlеd to.

Cerebral palsy malpractice аttоrnеу саn rеvіеw thе medical аnd hospital rесоrdѕ оf thе mоthеr аnd thе сhіld, іnсludіng rеаdіngѕ frоm fetal monitoring ѕtrірѕ, аnd оріnіоn on whеthеr the сhіld’ѕ cerebral palsy mау hаvе bееn саuѕеd bу doctor’s mіѕtаkе during lаbоr аnd dеlіvеrу рrосеѕѕ. Thеу can hеlр thе family rесоvеr mоnеу tо afford therapy, trеаtmеnt and рrореr mеdісаtіоn fоr thе child, as wеll аѕ other dаmаgеѕ.

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Cerebral Palsy

What Are the Causes Of And Treatments For Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a medical term used by doctors to describe a set an of neurological conditions that affect children, most notably a child’s co-ordination and movement by affecting the nervous system and brain. It is caused by damage to the brain, usually during or just after birth, but also possibly before.

The known causes include a difficult or premature birth, bleeding in the brain of the child, infection in early pregnancy or abnormalities in the child’s brain. There are many more potential causes, some of which can happen naturally and some which can occur due to medical negligence, especially during birth. If this is the case, a Cerebral Palsy lawyer should be contacted. If a birth is particularly difficult and handled badly then the child can become starved of oxygen which causes damage to the brain and, in turn, cerebral palsy.

Though this is rare, it does happen and parents of the child are entitled to make cerebral palsy compensation claims through a Cerebral Palsy lawyer. This can often mean suing the hospital which brings about moral questions in itself. More information on this can be found on the Internet.

CP affects approximately one in every 400 children born in the UK and the symptoms of CP are many and varied. In addition to varying degrees of physical disability such as difficulty in walking and general movement, symptoms can include epilepsy, learning difficulties, incontinence, visual and/or hearing impairment, difficulty in speaking or understanding others, delayed growth, curvature of the spine and drooling. CP can manifest itself in a number of other ways too, making it one of the most devastating conditions for the sufferer and their families.

With approximately 1,800 babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year in the UK it is not an uncommon condition and while there is no cure there are a number of treatments that can ease the suffering and alleviate certain conditions that derive from it. It should be noted at this point that cerebral palsy is not a progressive condition. It will not get worse as a child gets older, but it can have a serious impact on their lives depending on the severity. Checkout latest updates at

Should a child be diagnosed with cerebral palsy they and the family will be introduced to a team of health professionals to provide care? The team could include a pediatrician, health visitor, social worker, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and/or educational psychologist – it will depend on the symptoms experienced by the child and the type of care it requires.

A care plan will be drawn up between the team and the family to address the needs of the child and will be continually reassessed as the child grows up so adjustments can be made as needs change.

Cerebral Palsy

As the child grows up the family’s first point of contact is likely to be the health visitor with the rest of the professionals providing treatment as required. Once the child is older and his or her needs become different, possibly more complex, the first point of contact will become the social worker, though treatment will still be given as required by some or all of the professional team. View additional tips straight from the source.

Cerebral palsy is a devastating condition but there is help available and, if necessary, legal routes through a Cerebral Palsy lawyer to take to claim cerebral palsy compensation should negligence have taken place to cause it, which will help pay for that help.

Cerebral Palsy Claims

Cerebral Palsy Claims – How To Make Sense Of It All

Having a child with cerebral palsy is a huge challenge for any parent. What makes it worse is the very common feeling that the damage to their brain might have been avoided and may call for the services of a Cerebral Palsy lawyer.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by an abnormal development of the brain. Very commonly this abnormality affects the movement of the body. There are many different types of cerebral palsy, and no two cases are ever exactly the same. Symptoms can range from being relatively mild to being very severe and life limiting. The most common causes are either an infection or trauma during pregnancy, a premature birth, genetics or a very difficult birth. Clearly some of these causes can’t be helped.

If a child is born with a genetic abnormality of the brain then there is nothing anyone can do about it. If on the other hand, the child developing the condition could have been avoided but wasn’t due to medical negligence, then parents may be entitled to make a compensation claim through a Cerebral Palsy lawyer.

Medical negligence claims are very complicated. Proving who is at fault for an illness or symptom is often nearly impossible. Of all medical negligence claims, cerebral palsy claims are perhaps the most complex. Before embarking on legal proceedings it is important that you realize it won’t be straightforward.

If CP is caused during childbirth it is almost always due to a lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxic injury). This lack of oxygen can be caused by any number of factors, some of which can be monitored and avoided by medical staff if they take the right steps in time. In order for a compensation claim to be successful you need to prove the cause of the hypoxic injury, as well as the ways that the medical staff was negligent. This is often a very difficult task. visit their official website for more detailed information.

If you are considering making a claim then you need to be represented well. Having a general, non-specialized solicitor represent you will almost certainly lead to your claim being turned down. In order to stand any chance of finding the truth you need to use a specialist Cerebral Palsy lawyer who ideally has extensive experience in dealing with cerebral palsy compensation claims.

Cerebral Palsy Claims

Normally, liability will be disputed and court proceedings will have to be commenced. In order to save costs it is likely that the court will then order a split trial, with quantum only being dealt with if the claimant wins a trial on liability. Before any trial various stages are passed through to try to reduce the issues between the opposing medical experts but ultimately it may be necessary for them to give oral evidence at a trial and for a judge to apply the aforementioned tests of medical negligence and causation, and decide whether or not the claimant has proved his or her case. Need more details? visit

The financial and emotional cost of having a child with cerebral palsy is always so much higher than you might think. If the condition could have been avoided by medical staff then this simply adds to the anguish. If you feel that you have a strong case for a cerebral palsy compensation claim then you should seek specialist legal advice from a Cerebral Palsy lawyer as soon as possible.

Medical Negligence

Cerebral Palsy and Medical Negligence

Cerebral Palsy is often a term used to broadly cover a variety of neurological disorders affecting an individual’s ability to control muscle function. Cerebral palsy is characterized as chronic and non-progressive, with assorted symptoms that differ from person to person. The United Cerebral Palsy Foundation estimates that as many as eight hundred thousand children and adults in the United States live with some form of the condition and increasing numbers of cases are using the services of a Cerebral Palsy lawyer.

It is also estimated that nearly ten thousand babies born in the United States will develop Cerebral Palsy. (statistics courtesy of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Although some people are able to lead completely normal lives without the need for any major assistance, others may never be able to care for themselves properly. For these people, the expense of managing their condition can be astronomical.

There are essentially three main causes of Cerebral Palsy. In general, the condition is due to abnormal brain development or a brain injury in the area that controls bodily movement. For years many physicians believed Cerebral Palsy was due to complications that occurred during labor and delivery. Today, however, there seem to more definitive causes.

The first reason Cerebral Palsy can occur is due to a congenital issue. This means the abnormal brain development happened early on in the pregnancy, or that damage occurred to the white matter of the brain in later stages of pregnancy. It can also be a result of bleeding in the brain from a fetal stroke, and/or loss of oxygen to the brain during labor and delivery.

A very small number of cases develop after the time of birth, but before the age of three. These cases generally come about because of a traumatic brain injury from an accident or abuse, or due to a severe illness such as meningitis.

The third, and most difficult cause of Cerebral Palsy to accept, is due to an issue that arose during the birthing process from medical negligence. This means that some action was taken by a member of the medical staff that could have or should have been avoided, resulting in an injury to the brain. These mistakes could have happened at some point during the pregnancy, during delivery, or even after delivery.

The symptoms can vary a great deal; however, there are some key warning signs that you should be aware of. These symptoms include: failure to reach key developmental milestones (such as walking or crawling), abnormal muscle tone (such as a floppy or stiff appearance), an early hand preference, or persistent reflexes.

In order to be sure of whether or not your child has developed the condition a full medical exam needs to be carried out. This will be able to completely eliminate other movement disorders, or other types of medical conditions. It is important to note, there are several forms of Cerebral Palsy, as explained below.

Cerebral Palsy Spastic: Identifiable by awkward movements and stiff muscle tone. Other possible symptoms can include, trouble with speech, inability to eat, seizures, learning disabilities, weakness on one side of the body, and a “scissored gait”. This type of Cerebral Palsy is the most common.

Cerebral Palsy Ataxic: The most recognizable symptoms of this form of the condition include poor coordination, poor balance, and an unusually wide gait. This is the least common form of Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Dyskinetic: Common symptoms include floppy muscle tone, difficulty walking, difficulty sitting, involuntary movements, difficulty eating, trouble with speech, and difficulty performing everyday tasks. These symptoms may worsen under stress, yet become completely unnoticeable while sleeping.

Mixed Cerebral Palsy: This form of the disorder can cause a mixture of symptoms including floppy and stiff muscle tone, and a wide range of dyskinetic movements.

Medical Negligence

Children who experience symptoms usually also have other issues with cognition, behavior, sensations, communication, and perception. Other medical issues such as recurrences of pneumonia and seizures are common as well.

Many infants and children who suffer with Cerebral Palsy may have to be cared for by a professional over the course of their entire lifetime. This may mean regular physical, speech, drug therapy, and surgical treatments to help improve or correct abnormalities. These individuals may also require orthodontic devices such as braces, walkers, wheelchairs, and even specialized communication aids such as voice synthesizers. Read more details at

If you believe your child’s Cerebral Palsy was a result of medical negligence it is absolutely essential that you meet with an experienced Cerebral Palsy lawyer that can provide you with the assistance you need. These attorneys are a type of personal injury lawyer who know exactly how to go about obtaining the justice you deserve.